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What should I expect from my primary care team at Copeman Healthcare?

Your Copeman care team is where you turn for support and guidance to help diagnose or manage an existing condition, prevent illness and serious diseases from taking hold and, ultimately, optimize your health for vitality and longevity.

In short, expect healthcare that’s on a whole new level.

We match your unique needs to the right care team – from the beginning

Prior to enrolling with us, we meet with you to discuss your healthcare needs, the needs of your family, or the needs of your organization to determine which of our programs and team members best match what you’re looking for.

Getting started

Once enrolled, your Clinical Care Coordinator will contact you within two business days to schedule your first appointment.

Your annual health risk assessment

An annual health risk assessment is the first step for clients of the LifePlus Program, the Comprehensive Health Assessment and the Young Adults Prevention Program.

Here’s what to expect:

Your Family Health Nurse acts as your dedicated health coach to help you navigate your program. During your initial interaction you will discuss your health history, current concerns and any personal health goals you hope to achieve.

You have up to an hour to meet with your Family Physician*. Your appointment includes a complete medical examination, a discussion of your personal health risk factors and ample opportunity to discuss specific health concerns.

*Young Adults Prevention Program clients will see either a physician or a nurse practitioner.

Based on your age, gender, health history and immediate needs, a comprehensive lab panel and diagnostic procedures are performed at our on-site laboratory, including*: an eye pressure test (tonometry), an electrocardiogram (ECG), lung function test (spirometry) and a hearing test (audiometry).

*As medically indicated

A comprehensive nutritional assessment evaluates your meal balance, frequency, nutritional intake (based on a blood analysis) and overall calories. Your Registered Dietitian then works with you to set achievable goals and longer-term plans for disease prevention.

Your fitness assessment consists of a body composition, strength, balance, functional movement screen (FMS), and aerobic fitness test or exercise stress test*, allowing for realistic fitness recommendations that help you safely reach your goals.

*As medically indicated

Your Mental and Brain Health Consultation will identify any medical or lifestyle factors that may impact your brain health and review improvements you can make to ensure your brain function remains healthy for years to come. This consultation is included in the first year of the LifePlus Program only.

Your physician will review the assessments from your entire care team and discuss your health goals, your ongoing prevention plan and provide you with a personalized health report.

This is the final step of the Comprehensive Health Assessment. For those enrolled in the LifePlus Program or the Young Adults Prevention Program, you will also meet with your Family Health Nurse to begin the ongoing care component of your program.

Your Family Health Nurse now reviews your prevention plan to discuss your goals and help you create a plan for effective implementation. Further appointments can also be made at this time with any of your care team members to help you take advantage of your ongoing care program.

Ongoing primary healthcare

Those enrolled in the LifePlus Program, the Young Adults Prevention Program and the Copeman Kids Program can all take advantage of year-round, ongoing primary healthcare provided by their Copeman team. Here’s what to expect:

We work with you to put your health plan into action – whether that means addressing a current illness, managing a chronic condition, making therapeutic lifestyle changes or implementing a plan for disease prevention and wellness optimization.

In addition to illness prevention, for those aged 0 to 24, special emphasis is put on proper physical and mental development and promotion of positive behaviours and healthy lifestyle choices.

Your collaborative care team is here when you need us. As a client of one of our three ongoing care programs, you will be provided with unlimited time with your team. We encourage you to proactively engage with your team by contacting your Clinical Care Coordinator.

Not being able to visit one of our Centres in-person will not stop you from getting the care you need. Your care team is also available by phone and email*. In addition, your status as a Copeman client means you can visit any of our four Centres in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver or West Vancouver.

*Enjoy the convenience of email for follow-up questions or for prescription refills that don’t require reassessment.

If diagnostics and testing is needed* throughout the year, we can take care of your needs at the Centre – no need to find an off-site laboratory. Plus, your results will be automatically added to your online health management profile in Carebook™.

*As medically indicated

Internal referrals can be made through your care team or directly by you for any of our Open Services, including: Brain Health, Integrated Personal training, Psychological Health and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services.

†Please note these offerings are charged on a fee-for-service basis.

Referrals to specialists outside the Centre will be made based on your personal needs once your referral is booked via the provincial medical system. Although Copeman Healthcare cannot fast track the referral process, we work hard to find providers with the shortest wait times and give you private options to minimize delays.

Start your journey to better health today

Your journey toward better health begins as soon as you contact one of our enrolment representatives. So don’t delay – better health is waiting for you.

Take the next step toward better health and learn more about the benefits of joining.