brazilian food

Hot trend in food: Brazil

A couple of months ago, Brazil launched a new version of their national dietary guidelines which takes a look at food and nutrition in a new and interesting way.

feeling hungry is healthy

Feeling hungry is ok!

Feeling hungry does not have to be scary. We should all feel hungry before a meal.

do you trust your food labels

Do you trust your food labels?

As consumers we are busy and trust food labels to guide us in making good food choices. Remember though, that the marketing…

A sweet protein boost with greek yogurt

A ‘sweet’ protein boost

Greek yogurt contains more than double the amount of protein and considerably more healthy probiotics than most regular type yogurts.

helping a smoker quit

Helping a smoker quit!

Do you have a friend, family member or colleague you want to help quit smoking? Supporting someone through the quitting process can be a challenge and is one of the key factors to quitting success!

exercising for a healthy heart

How Hard Should You Exercise For A Healthy Heart?

The fitness centres and gyms fill up this time of the year with folks eager to meet their New Year goals. Many of you might jump into exercise without considering your existing fitness status, medical issues, medication side effects and how intensely you should be exercising.

Practical tips for the cold and flu season

It’s that time again: Practical tips for the cold & flu season

In order to help you deal with the months ahead, we’ve outlined the causes, symptoms, preventative steps and basic treatment methods for both the common cold and flu.


Dietitian Health Tip: Mind your portions

Did you know 2 ounces (60 grams) of full fat cheese contains your saturated (animal) fat for the day? Be mindful of your portions.

Fitness Tip Plan ahead

Fitness Tip: Plan ahead

Plan ahead! Try scheduling your exercise session into your calender, pack a gym bag the night before and bring it with you in the car for an after work fitness session.

Dietitian Health Tip Choose foods high in potassium

Dietitian Health Tip: Choose foods high in potassium

Potassium can help to lower blood pressure. Why?