Cathryn Carruthers Calgary Mother gets the healthcare she needs

Calgary mother finally overcomes long-term health challenges

Having a private health team on their side has transformed Cathryn Carruthers and her family. Not only did Copeman Healthcare Centre pursue her “mother’s instinct” about her daughter’s hip dysplasia, it also supported Carruthers through her own series of health challenges.

Measuring Team Satisfaction in Primary Care

Measuring Team Satisfaction in Primary Care

Team‐level job satisfaction ratings are a potentially important marker for the effectiveness of primary care teams in managing patient care. Measurement of team satisfaction is therefore an important quality indicator.

executive health programs top benefits for star performers

Executive Health Programs Top List of Benefits for Star Performers

Executive healthcare is fast becoming an important part of the benefits that companies provide to their top talent.

top trends in healthcare

Top Trends in Private Healthcare

To understand the future of private medicine we sat down with Copeman Healthcare. Who better to ask than the people that invented and continue to lead private primary healthcare in Canada.

collaborative team based medical care

Team-based preventative medicine to reduce long-term risk of disease

It may sound a bit like a paradox but when you’re healthy that’s just the time to start thinking about a prevention plan.


Copeman Healthcare Offers St. Albert Residents Team-Based, Preventative Medicine

Copeman Healthcare delivers excellence in prevention and health management. The Centres offer each client a personalized experience and a team of professionals.


Measuring Team Satisfaction in Primary Care

Measuring Team Satisfaction in Primary Care

Research by: Holly Kennedy-­‐Symonds MHSc, Wilma Watson MCE, Chris Nedelmann MBA Context In recent years, studies have modeled the relationship between measures of job satisfaction for primary care teams and objective measures of quality based on process indicators and clinical outcomes. Multilevel analyses indicated that aggregate job satisfaction ratings are associated with higher values on both […]