spotlight on registered dietitians

Get the most from LifePlus: Spotlight on Registered Dietitians

The first tip for making the most of your dietitian visit is overcoming the fear that you are visiting the food police.

copeman healthcare honoured in north shore's profiles of excellence

Copeman Healthcare honoured in North Shore’s Profile’s of Excellence

Copeman Healthcare was selected for excellence in healthcare in West Vancouver. In this brief video Les Jickling fills us in on what makes Copeman Healthcare unique.

copeman healthcare honoured as a diverse and vibrant business leader

Copeman Healthcare honoured as a diverse and vibrant business leader in Vancouver

Copeman Healthcare Centre was selected for excellence in healthcare and in this short video Dr. Beth Donaldson tells us a little bit more about Copeman Healthcare’s focus on prevention.

Regularly scheduled health maintenance

Regularly scheduled health maintenance

In the rush of our busy lives, health maintenance can often take a back seat to the demands of our cars, homes, and other routine activities. But the importance of an annual Comprehensive Health Assessment – especially for busy, highly stressed individuals – cannot be over stated.

Keeping corporate travelers healthy while abroad

Keeping corporate travelers healthy while abroad

In the increasingly global business market, corporate travel is taking people to further destinations for longer periods of time. Because the stakes of these trips can be high, the health of travelling employees should be a top consideration.

executive health programs top benefits for star performers

Executive Health Programs Top List of Benefits for Star Performers

Executive healthcare is fast becoming an important part of the benefits that companies provide to their top talent.

st albert residents offered personalized healthcare copeman clinic

Copeman Healthcare offers personalized care to residents of St. Albert

The Copeman Healthcare Centre that recently opened in the Edmonton suburb of Glenora is offering personalized care for residents of St. Albert.

top trends in healthcare

Top Trends in Private Healthcare

To understand the future of private medicine we sat down with Copeman Healthcare. Who better to ask than the people that invented and continue to lead private primary healthcare in Canada.

Crohn’s Disease success story young woman

Healthy Enough to Dream

Although our Centre’s foundation is preventive health, our multi-disciplinary, team-based approach to care is attracting an increasing number of people with serious health issues

dont delay know your risks today

Don’t Delay, Know Your Risks Today

For many of us, the most important action we can take this year is to have a comprehensive health assessment.