Five surprising things you probably didn’t know about exercise

Exercise can be used to treat, manage and prevent pain, inflammation and more! Read these five articles to learn about the lesser-known benefits of exercise, as well as how to move your body safely and effectively.

How to reduce chronic inflammation through exercise

Many people are surprised to hear that appropriate amounts of exercise is one of the best ways to reduce chronic inflammation.

Rosacea: Symptoms, causes and prevention

While there is no cure for this chronic skin condition, the good news is that there are several things that you can do to treat the condition.

The link between chronic inflammation and disease

Inflammation that we can’t always see or feel—also known as chronic inflammation—is significant because it can have a number of different impacts on your long-term health.

The anti-inflammatory diet: Is it worth the hype?

It’s true that the foods we eat can have a profound effect on our body’s inflammation. But before you spend a fortune on turmeric lattés, it’s important to separate the inflammatory facts from fiction.

dealing with gout in the 21st century

Dealing with gout in the 21st century: It’s not just for kings anymore!

Dr. Cathy Harvey provides a primer on gout, including what it is, what to do if an attack occurs and how best to prevent it.

Crohn’s Disease success story young woman

Healthy Enough to Dream

Although our Centre’s foundation is preventive health, our multi-disciplinary, team-based approach to care is attracting an increasing number of people with serious health issues

Dietitian Health Tip - Keep intake of inflammatory foods to once per week

Dietitian Health Tip: Keep intake of inflammatory foods to once per week

Inflammation in the body is the root of many issues. Keep intake of inflammatory foods to once per week (red meat, high-fat dairy, refined grains & sugars, and alcohol).