Can a healthy lifestyle trump the genetics of heart disease?

Can a healthy lifestyle trump the genetics of heart disease?

While your chance of having a heart attack may be higher if it runs in your family, a number of lifestyle factors at play in the development of cardiovascular disease are actually well within our control.

Reboot your exercise routine: 5 easy tips to meet your fitness goals

Reboot your exercise routine: 5 easy tips to meet your fitness goals

Is your resolution for 2015 to finally reach your health and fitness goals? It’s not as daunting as it may seem. Follow these five easy tips to get the most out of your workout.

take things to heart with the mediterranean diet

Take things to heart with the Mediterranean Diet

5 easy ways you can start a Mediterranean Diet today to help improve your heart health

not all exercise is created equally

Not all exercise is created equally

Just as there are some “super foods” so too are there activities that could be considered “super exercises” that keep the heart pumping and the brain working.

best exercise swimming

Is swimming the ultimate exercise?

Could swimming be the ultimate exercise? The following report card on swimming shows that unlike other cardiovascular exercises, swimming offers benefits beyond merely burning calories and building muscle groups.

exercising for a healthy heart

How Hard Should You Exercise For A Healthy Heart?

The fitness centres and gyms fill up this time of the year with folks eager to meet their New Year goals. Many of you might jump into exercise without considering your existing fitness status, medical issues, medication side effects and how intensely you should be exercising.

ounce of prevention cardiovascular health

An Ounce Of Prevention for Cardiovascular Disease

Considering the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in Canada, and the dangers of it, people are urged to do everything possible to promote heart health.

womens health through the ages

Women’s Health: Beyond the basics

Women’s health programs are often most effective when care is tailored to specific stages of life. Beyond the teens it is often helpful to think of healthcare needs in terms of decades – matching care to address common complaints seen in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

Men's Health Beyond the basics

Men’s Health: Beyond the basics

The following guidelines are designed to help men understand key health issues at each stage of life and the impact that aging will have on their health.

brain and heart health connection

Brain Health: just one more reason to manage hypertension

Research supports careful management of hypertension for brain health. It is also helpful to monitor psychological health and treat symptoms of depression.