How pharmacogenetic testing can help you

Copeman physicians can now use genetic testing to optimize medication prescriptions. Learn how genetic testing can optimize the care you receive.

Is precision medicine the future of healthcare?

Precision medicine aims to individualize healthcare and medications through genetic analysis. Here’s an overview of what exactly precision medicine is.

Genetic Testing: Your top four questions, answered

Genetic Testing: Your top four questions, answered

How do you make an informed decision about genetic testing? Genetic Counsellor, Katherine Hodson addresses her top four client questions.

Take control of your health Learn your family health history

Take control of your health: Learn your family health history

We often resemble our family members since we share common physical traits with them. This can also be true of certain health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.


Managing risks to health is the key to prevention

Dr. Michael Koehle and Dr. Chris Dawkins share insight on predicting your health future through family history and genetic testing.