Practicing intuitive eating during COVID-19

A global pandemic is uncharted territory for us all, inciting feelings of anxiety, fear and stress. Many feel anxiety in regards to job security, and are scared of getting sick or losing loved ones. We are all navigating a new way of living, and adapting to new routines, which can feel stressful. Lately, social media […]

master your mindset fitness weight loss goals

Master your fitness & weight goals with these cognitive behaviour techniques

Ready to make a change, know everything you should be doing, yet can’t seem to create momentum? Try these cognitive behaviour techniques and finally reach your weight loss and fitness goals!

Dietitian Health Tip-Eat mindfully

Dietitian Health Tip: Eat mindfully

Eat mindfully. Ask yourself: Am I truly hungry? Are the calories in this food going to put me over my daily amount of calories? Avoid eating bowls of nuts or candy available for grazing – this kind of mindless eating can easily sabotage weight control efforts.   Learn more about our Registered Dietitian Services For dietitian-approved […]