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3 Ways Alcohol Impacts Weight Loss

Spring and summer seasons are often filled with enjoying patio happy hours, gathering for family barbecues, and attending more social events. These engagements often involve delicious foods, great conversations and alcoholic beverages. As many of us work on our “summer bodies”, one question often arises: how does alcohol affect our weight? There are a few reasons […]

Dry January: Does Abstaining from Alcohol for a Month Help as Much as Hoped

Some believe that temporarily eliminating alcohol detoxifies the body and can help turn around its impacts. But is it as effective as it might appear?

How much alcohol is really too much?

Is a glass of wine a day good for you? Let’s look at if this popular theory is based on fact or myth – and what the science says

Dietitian Health Tip - Keep intake of inflammatory foods to once per week

Dietitian Health Tip: Keep intake of inflammatory foods to once per week

Inflammation in the body is the root of many issues. Keep intake of inflammatory foods to once per week (red meat, high-fat dairy, refined grains & sugars, and alcohol).


Dietitian Health Tip: Alcohol and refined sugar are empty calories

Alcohol and refined sugar are empty calories. When looking at weight management, reflect on your current intake of these.


Dietitian Health Tip: Treat alcohol like an extra

Alcohol is high in calories (a whooping 7kcal/g)! Treat it like an extra that you need to carve out room for in your diet to make it fit.