wellness begins with a healthy brain

Wellness begins with a healthy brain

The importance of grey matter for healthy aging

Today, when people refer to the concept of “wellness,” they often describe a state of integrated psychological and physical health. But this description misses one key element – the healthy functioning of the brain. We now know there is more to wellness than simply a physically fit body and a healthy outlook. For true wellness we must consider the brain as a separate and very special organ – an organ that is assessed and enhanced in unique ways that fall outside the realm of primary care. Just as the heart is often afforded special attention, so too must we carefully look at the brain. All too often brain health is an important yet neglected third dimension of true wellness.

The Brain Health Program at Copeman Healthcare is based on discoveries concerning neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Based on strong scientific evidence we now understand more completely how declining brain health can have a profound impact on both physical and psychological health. Basic cognitive functions like memory, logic, reasoning and planning can now be assessed and “baselined” in order to detect any early signs of disease or age-related cognitive decline. More importantly, such decline in many cases can be prevented, delayed or slowed down. The evidence is now clear that brain cells continue to grow throughout our lives and that the brain is capable of “re-wiring” itself to overcome damage caused by injury, disease or normal age-related decline. An increasing number of studies suggest that with proper care dementing conditions like Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented or delayed.

Since its inception, Copeman Healthcare’s Brain Health Program has been able to identify signs of diminished cognitive function or impairment well before a change in function manifests as clinical symptoms (or begins affecting the daily lives of our clients). This has afforded an opportunity for these individuals to potentially halt this early decline and preserve their thinking and overall brain health into the future.

Whether your brain is completely healthy, experiencing natural age-related changes, or showing early signs of disease, there are things that can be done to “anti-age” your brain to build resilience that will help you fend off cognitive decline. Ask your Copeman Healthcare team for more information on the Brain Health Program.