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WEBINAR – Virtual Healthcare in Canada

As technology has developed to allow for instant messaging, video chat, and real-time photo sharing, a unique opportunity has emerged that is helping to reshape the future of Canadian healthcare. With the development of virtual care, healthcare could be enhanced with online consultations by allowing for 24/7 coverage and personalized medical support. So what does this implementation look like, and how could it contribute to reduced stress, peace of mind, and a significant improvement in wellness and overall health?

In this webinar, Dr. Beth Donaldson, Family Physician and Medical Director at Copeman Healthcare, will provide an overview of the potential impact of a movement towards virtual care in Canada. You will also learn how tools such as the Medisys On-Demand app can be utilized to keep you and your family healthier in the long run.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The current state of healthcare in Canada
  • By the numbers: the case for virtual care
  • Benefits of virtual healthcare for Canadians
  • Case study: the Medisys On-Demand app
  • …and more!

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