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WEBINAR – The Pharmacy of the Future

For Canadians taking prescription medications or supplements daily, using them to manage their health can be challenging. From portioning out doses, managing refills, going to the pharmacy, calling insurance companies, or taking prescribed doses on time, traditional pharmacy can be truly inconvenient.

Enter PocketPills, an innovative pharmacy, which is leveraging technology to revolutionize medication management, making it more convenient and affordable than ever.

Join us for an informative webinar with AJ Bassi, PocketPills’ Pharmacist and Director of Pharmacy Services, who will summarize PocketPills’ online pharmacy, mobile app, free medication delivery, and innovative packaging to help you manage your medications. To maximize the value of this webinar, you may wish to sign up for PocketPills’ free app at app.pocketpills.com or by downloading the PocketPills app for Android or iOS. Start exploring the world of online pharmacy and get your questions ready for AJ!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why medication management is important
  • How PocketPacks and mobile technology can help with medication management
  • How PocketPills can save you up to 40 hours a year accessing pharmacy services
  • How you can control the cost of your prescription drug spend

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