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WEBINAR – Intermittent Fasting

The latest craze in dieting isn’t about eating certain foods, it’s about eating no foods – for a while, at least. Intermittent fasting, during which dieters forgo food for various lengths of time, has become the diet du jour. But is it actually a safe and effective diet for overall health?

Join Rob Lazzinnaro, Registered Dietitian at Copeman Healthcare, for an in-depth overview of intermittent fasting, including whether or not it could be the right approach for you.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What intermittent fasting is
  • The different types of fasting
  • Pros and cons of fasting
  • …and more!

This webinar originally aired on January 22, 2019, but is now available to you anytime as a recording.

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