webinar concussion prevention for children

WEBINAR – Concussion Prevention for Children

Concussions are a concern of every parent, especially given how common they can be. With back to school meaning back to play, we wanted to take an opportunity to review some important aspects of diagnosing concussions in kids, plus provide some tips on how to help prevent them.

Devon Weaver, Family Health Nurse Practitioner at Copeman Healthcare, will walk you through a generalized overview of how to recognize concussion symptoms, some common myths about them, and how to help your children stay as safe as possible this coming back-to-school season.

In this online webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Where child concussions are most likely to occur
  • Common myths and misconceptions
  • Signs and symptoms to watch out for
  • How and when your child should resume their activities

This webinar originally aired on September 7th, 2017, but is now available to you anytime as a recording.

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