Want permanent weight loss? We can help.

Want permanent weight loss? We can help.


All diets can help you lose weight, but 95% of them fail.  The Copeman dietitians are here to help you succeed.

We have more than 40 years of combined experience in weight loss and wellness. Your dietitians have designed several successful weight loss programs across Calgary, and contributed to published research.

We offer a customized program, so you learn how to fuel your unique body to optimize weight loss and health.  The Copeman multi-disciplinary approach to weight loss is based on the latest scientific evidence, as well as practical and clinical experience.

Copeman dietitians recognize that successful, long term weight management focuses on more than the food you eat and the pounds you lose; it focuses on realistic behavioural changes that can be personalized and tailored to fit your lifestyle.

This tailored approach includes regular check-ins with your dietitian to discuss your challenges and successes.  You can do this in person, by email or by phone.

We offer regular measurements and structured meal plans to keep you on track.  Plans are personalized to meet your nutritional demands, and contain healthy menus and delicious time saving recipes.

We also offer the Smart Weight Program and drop in classes to learn about weight management topics and to garner support from other members working on weight challenges.

Are you ready to find success with your weight loss journey?

Book an appointment with your dietitian today by calling Copeman Healthcare at 403-270-2273.