Virtual prevention screen FAQ

While we have all been living through unprecedented social change during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that continuity of care and tracking your health risks is important at all times. To better serve your needs, and accommodate your health and safety, we are excited to introduce the virtual prevention screen.

The virtual prevention screen is an assessment of your unique health risks similar to your regular annual prevention screen, but is completed almost all by video call and/or by phone. The virtual prevention screen is being offered to continue to maintain physical distancing in line with current regulatory guidelines.

Do you have questions about the virtual prevention screen? We’ve got you covered. Please refer to the FAQ below for questions and answers regarding our virtual prevention screen.

Why is a virtual prevention screen being offered instead of the usual in-person visit?

In accordance with Federal and Provincial guidelines to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, we are offering the optional virtual prevention screen as a temporary solution to reduce clinic traffic and to make use of telehealth services in order to serve our clients in the safest manner. Most steps of the prevention screen can be completed virtually, and in the comfort of your own home. Any part of the prevention screen that cannot be completed virtually will be made up at a later date, or scheduled in-person if deemed essential by your physician.

How do I book my prevention screen?

Your prevention screen coordinator will reach out to you when it is time to schedule your annual prevention screen. You will be given the option of completing your prevention screen virtually, or delaying your prevention screen until it is safe to be completed in-person. If you would like to book a virtual prevention screen, click here to have a prevention screen coordinator reach out to you to schedule your appointments.

What are the steps in the virtual prevention screen?

The virtual prevention screen consists of 7 steps:

  1. Booking: Your prevention screen will be booked by your prevention screen coordinator.
  2. Chart review: You will have a 30 minute virtual consultation with your physician or family health nurse, depending on your location.
  3. Lab work: If a blood draw is deemed necessary by your physician, your blood draw will be completed in-person either at our lab, or a community lab.
  4. Physician consultation: You will have a 30 minute virtual consult with your physician.
  5. Registered dietitian consultation: You will have a 30 minute virtual consult with your dietitian.
  6. Kinesiology assessment: You will have a 30 minute virtual assessment with your kinesiologist.
  7. Health report: Your virtual prevention screen will conclude with your personalized health report which can be found on your online patient portal depending upon your location.

For more information, please refer to the step by step guide found below:

Virtual prevention screen step by step guide

On what platform will my virtual appointments be completed?

You will be given the option of completing your virtual appointments either by phone or a secure video conferencing platform.

How long will my virtual prevention screen take?

Your prevention screen will take approximately 2.5 hours. Please note that your appointments may be scheduled over multiple days.

Why might my bloodwork be drawn at a community lab and not our clinic?

We currently has a limited number of lab appointments available due to physical distancing regulations recommended by Federal and Provincial health authorities.

What will my virtual physician appointment look like?

Your appointment will begin with a complete review of your current health, including concerns identified during your chart review. This will be followed by a discussion of your health risk factors. These risk factors are determined through your personal health questionnaire, your health history, your lab results, and your health review. You will then have a chance to ask questions regarding specific health concerns you may have. If an in-person assessment is deemed necessary by your physician, you will be contacted with the necessary next steps.

What will my virtual dietitian consultation look like?

Your virtual dietitian consultation consists of an evaluation of your existing diet, and the development of an ongoing nutritional plan. The comprehensive nutritional assessment evaluates your meal balance, frequency, and intake of fibre, salt, fats, vitamins, and overall calories. Based on your results, your registered dietitian will work with you to set achievable goals and longer-term plans for disease prevention.

What will my virtual kinesiology assessment look like?

Your fitness assessment will review your current physical activity routine, sedentary behavior, and musculoskeletal issues. Based on this review, your kinesiologist will discuss chronic disease prevention, assist with goal-setting, and review technique for proper exercise at home. You can also take this time to discuss any resources that can be used at home, or plan virtual fitness follow-ups.

How do I access my results?

BC clients can access their personalized health report through the online personal health record. Your health report will be produced and sent electronically to your personal health record. Alberta clients will receive their results via e-mail, regular post, or via a phone call with their physician.

You can also book virtual follow up appointments with any of your care-team members, or in-person appointments if deemed essential by your physician.

What about referrals?

Your care team may refer you to other clinicians based on their evaluation of your health needs. Internal referrals can be made through your care team, or by you for the following services that can be offered virtually:

  • Brain health
  • Psychological health
  • Physiotherapy
  • Personal fitness training

External referrals to specialists outside the centre will be made based on your personal needs once your referral is booked via the Provincial medical system. Our referral coordinator will let you know the date, time, specialist, and any other important information.

I prefer to see my doctor in person. How do I know I’m getting the best value from the virtual prevention screen?

The virtual prevention screen is our way of serving your health needs, while keeping you safe. All of the steps of the virtual prevention screen, besides the blood draw, can be effectively completed virtually. Please know, that if an in-clinic visit is deemed necessary by your care provider, you will be contacted with the necessary next steps. We sincerely trust that the virtual prevention screen will meet your needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we look forward to meeting with you virtually in the coming weeks.

Thank you for doing your part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. If you have any additional questions about our virtual prevention screen, please contact us.