Virtual training at Copeman Healthcare

It’s important to get exercise, even as we practicing social distancing.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with rehabilitating an injury at home, or for a workout that makes you break a sweat in your living room, you can always touch base with your Copeman kinesiologist via email or check out our virtual training options below!

Please note that while online resources are good options, a personalized exercise program, such as Copeman Healthcare’s virtual training, is always the best choice because it is tailored to you. If you have any pre-existing conditions or previous injuries, be sure to touch base with your family physician before embarking on any exercise programs.

Virtual training at Copeman Healthcare

If you are looking to have a one-on-one training session with a kinesiologist, Copeman Healthcare is offering virtual personal training during the COVID-19 crisis. Provided by our educated and experienced kinesiologists, our personal training services are an ongoing, long-term commitment to your health and fitness. Whether you are looking to achieve a fitness or movement goal, prevent or manage your medical concerns, or rehabilitate from an injury, our kinesiologists will coach you through a personalized training program that is right for you.

How do these appointments work?

Appointments will be offered through a secure, web-based platform. You will be sent a link to join a video call at a specific time. At your scheduled time, you will be virtually connected with your kinesiologist for the session. Virtual personal training will be provided as 30 minute or 50 minute sessions depending on the initial assessment and your needs.

What is the appointment fee?

A 50 minute initial consultation and assessment is complimentary. After the initial assessment, a 30 minute appointment is $45 and a 50 minute appointment is $65.

What do I need at home for this appointment?

It is best to either have a (1) laptop with a webcam OR (2) smart phone/tablet that you can plug headphones into and that is connected to WiFi. You need a space that is big enough for you to move around in and comfortable clothes to perform exercises in.

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