Sick on vacation? Virtual care can help

It’s every traveller’s worst nightmare – getting sick or injured while on vacation.

Taking time off from your holiday to deal with health concerns is never fun – Googling medical advice can be unnerving and trying to find a local walk-in clinic in an unfamiliar destination can be a hassle.

Whether you hurt your ankle skiing in Whistler, received an unusual bug bite when hiking in Banff or got a bad sunburn while relaxing on a beach in Mexico, don’t let medical concerns disrupt your entire getaway.

Medisys On-Demand: Medical advice that travels with you

Now available to clients of the Copeman LifePlus and Young Adults Prevention programs, virtual care delivers real-time medical care via your mobile device. With Medisys On-Demand, you’ll be connected to an experienced Canadian nurse practitioner by text or video chat, no matter where you are.

Medisys On-Demand works anywhere around the globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is a smartphone and internet connection – it’s the perfect option for medical advice when travelling abroad.

And if you’re travelling within Canada, Medisys On-Demand can be used to obtain prescriptions virtually. Your prescriptions will be faxed to a nearby pharmacy and can often be ready for pick up in as little as 15 minutes.

Canadian physicians and nurse practitioners are unable to write prescriptions while you’re abroad but can provide diagnostic services and medical advice. This is especially useful if you’re in an area where medical professionals are not accessible or speak another language.

Stay safe while away

Even with virtual care, it’s essential to ensure you’re covered by comprehensive health insurance for medical procedures while out of the country. It’s also important to consult your care provider for a travel health consult prior to certain trips.

Of course, if you experience a life-threatening illness or injury, dial 911 (or the equivalent emergency number of your destination) or go to the nearest emergency room. But if you’re suffering from medical issues such as a minor ankle sprain, a migraine or a cold, Medisys On-Demand can be a great solution.

For fast, convenient and reliable medical advice while travelling – or even staying at home! – try Medisys On-Demand.

Haven’t activated Medisys On-Demand yet? Eligible clients of the LifePlus and Young Adults Prevention Program can email for their unique activation link.