top seven ways to protect your brain

Top seven ways to protect your brain

1. Physical exercise releases hormones that stimulate the brain and help with the longevity of brain cells.

2. Proper nutrition provides the nutrients needed to improve memory, increase problem solving abilities and communicate effectively.

3. Cognitive exercises along with physical exercise and proper nutrition can help delay or stave off dementing conditions.

4. Stress management can help prevent prolonged periods of stress that over time can damage or kill brain cells.

5. Proper sleep patterns can help short-term memory and improve encoding required for long-term knowledge acquisition.

6. Wearing proper protective gear while engaged in contact sports can help protect your brain from concussion. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that can have long term consequences. If you suspect a concussion, be sure to consult a trained professional.

7. Professional brain health programs such as those available at Copeman Healthcare monitor for early signs of cognitive decline and develop prevention and treatment programs needed to protect your brain over the long haul.