no gain in pain physiotherapy

There is no gain in pain

Have you ever seen those commercials on television for products promising accelerated healing from an injury?

There are treatments that may reduce your pain, but the vast majority doesn’t accelerate tissue healing, don’t make you stronger and only offers you short term pain relief at best. There is no treatment that heals our body better than our own body itself.

The challenge for many people experiencing pain from injury is to allow their body time to heal. Most people want results immediately without compromising their current lifestyle in the process.

Take time to heal

Have you ever wondered how professional athletes heal from injuries so quickly?  The answer is that they don’t heal faster than anybody else. They push through pain so they can continue to play or compete to keep their jobs and maintain their lifestyle. As these athletes age they find themselves in chronic pain because of the decisions made twenty years earlier to push through their pain to get back in the game. You know the saying “no pain, no gain?” There is no gain in pain when it comes to your health.

Helping you get back into action

physiotherapy stretches womanThe physiotherapy team at Copeman works with each client individually to formulate an action plan that is specific and attainable. Our strategy with injury treatment is to assess, educate, and design a rehabilitation program that will enable clients to self-manage their pain and maintain a safe exercise program independently. We educate our clients on injury prevention techniques to help keep our clients active and injury free. Everybody should have the chance to look forward to living an active independent lifestyle regardless of age. Our goal is to get clients back into action.

Physiotherapy is offered in our Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton locations. Please contact your nearest location for more information regarding injury prevention and muscle and joint rehabilitation services.

Experienced care in an unhurried environment = outstanding results.