importance of cognitive brain health assessment

The importance of baseline cognitive assessments

At Copeman Healthcare we pay special attention to your brain health. The baseline cognitive assessment is usually the starting point for your brain health plan and is recommended for all clients who wish to be vigilant about their cognitive health.

A cognitive assessment evaluates important areas of brain function. These include: memory, concentration, processing speed, language, and reasoning capabilities. In recent years, it has become clear that baseline cognitive assessments are critical to complete wellness because they set a personalized benchmark of brain health for future comparison. Just as changes in your blood pressure or waistline help your physician track your risk for metabolic syndrome, regular cognitive assessments allow your neuropsychologist to track changes in your brain health. This enables your team to identity early signs of problems and take action right away. A baseline cognitive assessment provides a reference point to measure against in the case of problems or concerns (including major illness or brain injury). It also helps you and your team focus on specific areas when developing a treatment and prevention plan.

Although appropriate for clients of all ages and in all phases of health, baseline cognitive assessments may be of greatest interest to those:

  • interested in early detection, prevention, and maximization of health assessments

  • aged 55 or older

  • with cardiac, vascular or other chronic health conditions

  • with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or neurological conditions

  • involved in activities that put them at increased risk for head injuries (e.g., sports, workplace duties)

Note that obtaining a baseline may be particularly important for children and adolescents, who tend to have active lifestyles and rapidly developing cognitive skills. Baseline cognitive assessments may be repeated every 1 to 5 years.

Each baseline assessment package includes:

  • Clinical consultation with a Neuropsychologist (Ph.D. expert in brain health)
  • Standardized testing
  • Recommendations to optimize brain health (provided to the client and their family physician)

Fees generally range from $425 to $3500, and can be booked by contacting your nearest Copeman Healthcare Centre Brain Health team.