The Healthy Traveller – Preventing Travellers’ Diarrhea

Every season millions of business or adventure travellers reach different destinations around the world. From sheltered environments to tropical or developing countries there is always a potential for exposure to conditions and diseases.

One of the most common group of conditions the travellers will be likely to experience are food- and water-borne illnesses.

The illnesses caused by contaminated food and water range from travellers’ diarrhea to more serious diseases such as hepatitis A, typhoid fever and other.

During a 2-week vacation, 50 % of the travellers may develop travellers’ diarrhea at least once. The common symptoms include abnormally frequent, lose bowel movements, nausea, abdominal pain. It may last 3-5 days and severe cases last longer and can cause serious dehydration.

In order to prevent travellers’ diarrhea you should:

Contact your Healthcare Team before travelling – he/she will prescribe you vaccines that will decrease the chances of contacting travellers’ diarrhea and medication that helps reducing duration and severity of symptoms.