collaborative team based medical care

Team-based preventative medicine to reduce long-term risk of disease

It may sound a bit like a paradox but when you’re healthy that’s just the time to start thinking about a prevention plan. Often when we’re feeling great we fail to consider our well being and ways to continue staying healthy. It’s only when we fall ill that we start thinking about what we could have done better and wondering why we didn’t take steps to reduce our risk of disease. But with a little planning it doesn’t have to be that way.

Most chronic illnesses occur slowly over many years or decades often without symptoms or warn­ings. These illnesses progress through some of the healthiest years of life when we’re not paying attention to what we’re eating, how much we’re drink­ing or how little we’re exercising. When we’re young and getting by on minimal sleep, coping well with stress and still feeling wonderful, it’s easy to believe that it will always be that way.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could carry on feeling that way for many, many years to come?

Most common chronic illnesses are a result of lifestyle choices – bad habits that if left unchecked for years or decades eventually catch up with us over time. By adhering to a personalized prevention plan, fol­lowing a rigorous program of early detection, intervention and man­agement, health
risks can be sig­nificantly mitigated while continu­ing to enjoy life to its fullest. It all starts by planning ahead and taking steps today that can pay dividends tomorrow.

Copeman Healthcare, a preven­tion-focused medical organization, is en­couraging individuals, families and corporations to take advantage of their team-based, inter-profes­sional services by visiting one of their four clinics in Vancouver, West Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary.

“Our approach is really quite simple,” says Chris Nedelmann, Copeman Healthcare CEO, “If clients are healthy we want to keep them that way. If they’re struggling with an illness we want to get them timely medical expertise and on the road to recovery. Ultimately our goal is the same for both groups; to reduce the long-term impact of disease, improve our client’s quality of life and assist them in optimizing their health.”

The Copeman Way is a model that integrates the care of phy­sicians with the expertise of an inter-professional team. Psycholo­gists, neuropsychologists, registered dietitians, kinesiologists, exercise medicine specialists, nurses, and other specialized pro­fessionals work together to prevent, detect and manage all types of diseases.

The most popular offering is LifePlus, an all-inclusive prevention and health management program that costs $4,495 in the first year and $3,495 in subsequent years. Chil­dren are charged $500/year for the Copeman Kids program. The LifePlus service includes a com­prehensive, head-to-toe four-hour annual health assessment and a complete package of professional services to support a client’s indi­vidual health plan, including 24/7 telephone support.