Stress epidemic takes a toll on Canada’s business leaders

Stress epidemic takes a toll on Canada’s business leaders


A recent Vancouver Sun piece placed a spotlight on the stress epidemic facing Canadian business leaders. Journalist, Barbara Balfour spoke with Rick Tiedemann, Director of Business Development at Copeman Healthcare about the growing issue. Working at a top provider of Executive Health Assessments, Tiedemann is very familiar with the issues, stating that technology now demands instant responses 24/7. There is no longer any downtime and people are suffering from stress, illness and burnout.

To further support these troubling insights, a  study by Carleton University and The University of Western Ontario found that in the last twenty years work demands have skyrocketed, employee mental health has deteriorated and absenteeism has significantly increased. This not only impacts the individual’s health, but also the health of the organization. Copeman CEO, Chris Nedelmann comments that these effects can become quite costly with lost talent, lost productivity and in the worst cases, premature death. Corporations are therefore mandating that executives receive an annual health assessment to help mitigate their personal health risks and ward off potential financial impacts on the organization.

Noted health economist, Hans Krueger, proposes that a modest 1% reduction in medical risk factors over a twenty-year timeframe could save Canadians over $30 billion.

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November 26, 2014