Learn about the new programs and services coming to Copeman Healthcare

Sanda Islik of Copeman Healthcare recently took on a new role as Director, Programs and Services. Sanda discusses what the role entails and what it means for clients at Copeman Healthcare.

Tell us a bit about your new role as Director, Programs and Services.

The primary focus of this position is to ensure that all the programs and services Copeman Healthcare provides to clients meet our standards of excellence in clinical quality and customer service.

With a strong focus on innovation, I hope to play a key role in the creation and implementation of new programs and services. As always, the most important driver for enhancing our offerings will continue to be based on the needs of our clients.

What new programs and services are on the horizon for Copeman Healthcare clients?

There are several new programs and services set to be introduced to Copeman clients in the near future, including virtual care, genetic testing and an expansion of different open services across all centres, among others.

Can you tell us more about virtual care?

In an era defined by speed, technology and precision, Copeman Healthcare is actively involved in bringing care closer to home, as well as tailoring care to individual needs. On that note, we are working to expand our care model with a virtual care solution.

People are using smartphones to manage many of their daily needs, such as banking, communication and work. With a virtual care solution, clients can access a care provider through text chat or video conference by a click of a button.

Of course, the virtual care solution would be in addition to the same great care model and service already provided at Copeman.

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Can you tell us more about genetic testing?

Yes, another new initiative is the addition of genetic testing to our current testing panels.

Genetic testing is an exciting emerging field, and Copeman Healthcare is stepping into the precision medicine arena with pharmacogenetic testing, as well as additional tests for cancer screening, gene carrier screening, prenatal and nutrition genetic screening.

Out of all these tests, I’m particularly excited about pharmacogenomics. Being a clinician at heart with a focus on quality of care, I believe pharmacogenomics has the potential to revolutionize the way medication is prescribed to individuals by tailoring medication to their specific genetic makeup. As clinicians access pharmacogenetic testing results, they can be more precise in prescribing the right medication at the right dose, while minimizing side effects and maximizing health benefits.

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