Copeman Healthcare Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Lisa Kirk

Lisa Kirk, Director, Clinical Service Integration, recently completed her Master of Arts in Leadership with a Health Specialization at Royal Roads University. We spoke with her about what she learned and how it will help in her role at Copeman Healthcare.

Tell us more about what your program was about.

The program focused on personal leadership, organizational change, real world problem solving and systems thinking and planning. The course combined a lot of project work both online and through an in-person residency. There was an emphasis on collaborating to solve problems within any group dynamic.

My cohort of 40 included leaders in the healthcare field from across the country. From physicians to EMS first responders, the breadth of knowledge was outstanding.

What were your primary goals going into the program?

Strong leaders are essential in any organization, so developing that skill was important to me. Secondly, I was excited for the opportunity to apply my knowledage to a practical organizational leadership project.

What was your key takeaway?

I was reminded to take time to reflect in any situation. We lead busy lives and can get caught up in the moment. Learning takes place when we stop and think about a situation and consider why something is happening.

Was there something you learned which surprised you?

Leadership is like running, it takes time and practice. It’s a skill that is constantly evolving, just like the people in your organization. Also, there are different types of leadership that should be used in different situations; there is no set answer, and what works today might not work tomorrow.

How is your new expertise being applied at Copeman?

My focus was on enhancing employee engagement and collaboration, because together these lead to healthier individuals and a healthier organization. At Copeman, effective employee engagement results in direct improvements to quality of care. In our multi-disciplinary approach, better collaboration enhances our care model and the way we communicate with our clients.