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Speed skating president gets back on track at 65

Jim Allison had always been vaguely aware of his own health risks but it became impossible to ignore soon after he turned 65. At an age when he had outlived his own father, the parent of two and president of Speed Skating Canada one day found himself gasping for breath.

“I was with a friend of mine who despite his recent bypass surgery was strolling along beside me carrying a laptop,” recalls Jim. “He began laughing and I thought to myself, here I am, involved in a high performance sport and I can’t even make it down the street carrying a box.”

That was a telling moment for Jim who knew he had to get himself back on track.

“I wasn’t quite sure where to start or what the solution would be,” explains Jim,“ But I knew this was one problem that couldn’t wait.”

Enter the folks at Copeman Healthcare.

Comprised of a family physician integrated with dietitians, kinesiologists, and a family health nurse, the Copeman team used a collaborative approach to identify Jim’s health risks and develop a personalized plan that fit his busy lifestyle.

In addition to his duties at Speed Skating Canada, Jim owns an asset management company and is a member of the National Board of the Canadian Condominium Institute. He enjoys a busy schedule and prior to his arrival at Copeman Healthcare had not been in for a physical exam in five years.

Following his Comprehensive Health Assessment he was shocked to learn that he was hypertensive and on the verge of diabetes. Partly due to a diet rich in fats and sugar he had dangerously high blood sugar and was treading a risky path.

“I knew I could do better,” Jim admits, “And I was committed to change.”

Thanks to Copeman’s unique approach, Jim was able to get his health back under control by breaking realistic goals down into manageable steps. Within a month, he saw visible results. In six months, he had lost 23 pounds and his waistline had shrunk by almost three inches!

Today, his blood sugar and blood pressure levels are no longer in the danger zone.

“Copeman’s approach was about what I wanted to do, rather than the traditional lecture about what I should do,” he says. “It was about educating me on the changes that were necessary, encouraging me to make positive choices and helping me stick to them.”

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At Copeman Healthcare Jim never felt like he was on the clock. His questions weren’t limited and his appointment times were ample. The staff attended to him promptly and courteously and never left him waiting.

“If my appointment is at 9 a.m., it’s really at 9 a.m. Staff are very professional, welcoming, and make you feel comfortable,” says Jim. “And they truly collaborate with each other which is incredibly helpful in terms of pooling their expertise.”

As part of a blood pressure monitoring program, Jim sees a nurse every six weeks, which allows him to keep on top of vaccination and flu shots at appropriate times – something he had never done before.

At one of these visits, Jim casually referred to a stressful period he was experiencing.

“I mentioned it was one of those crazy months where everything that could go wrong, did. Two days later I received a phone call from the doctor – ‘Ashley, your nurse, mentioned you were having some recent challenges. We’d like to suggest you come in to discuss how to cope with the stress.’

“I was so impressed.”

A committed Copeman client for life, Jim can’t believe the changes he’s seen in his health so far. He is looking forward to getting into road biking and spending many more years ahead with his children.

“I have more energy, I feel better about myself – and my employees all say I am much easier to get along with! And my kids are just delighted; they want me to be around a little longer.”

“When I see my colleagues and friends not getting answers and being bounced around in the conventional system, it’s so great to be able to offer them a solution like Copeman Healthcare, which has done so much for me.”

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