Regularly scheduled health maintenance

Regularly scheduled health maintenance

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Most of us know that the regular inspection and maintenance of our vehicles can help improve both their performance and longevity. Regular tune ups by a qualified mechanic can ensure our cars are safe to drive and reduce future costly, untimely repairs.

With this in mind, I never miss the regularly scheduled servicing on my vehicle because I want to ensure any issues are addressed before the brake system malfunctions or the engine fails. It’s ironic that with the amount of attention we give to the health of our cars, we often neglect the routine care that’s necessary to keep our own bodies from becoming ill. After all, humans too can benefit from a similar plan of inspection and preventative maintenance done at regularly timed intervals.

In the rush of our busy lives, health maintenance can often take a back seat to the demands of our cars, homes, and other routine activities. But the importance of an annual Comprehensive Health Assessment – especially for busy, highly stressed individuals – cannot be overstated.

Many serious health conditions develop slowly over time, without any warning signs or symptoms and long before an unwelcome diagnosis is made. Individuals who provide their physician with an opportunity to monitor changes in their body over regular intervals – through an annual assessment – give their care team an invaluable health tool. With it, they are able to measure changes in their physical health parameters, as well as how quickly these changes are occurring.

Copeman Healthcare’s collaborative team, consisting of a physician, a registered dietitian, a family health nurse, and an exercise medicine specialist, can help modify a negative health trend in an individual’s risk profile before it becomes a more serious condition. Several of the most common diseases including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and several types of cancers, in many cases, are preventable. While it is preferable to avoid illness altogether, catching something early provides you with the best possible chance of achieving greater longevity and enhanced quality of life.