Re-Inspire Your Resolutions

For many of us, this time of year marks both the start and the end of our New Year’s Resolutions. Often just the word “resolutions” conjures up images of past challenges so we prefer to use the word “decisions”. Once we have made our decisions, how do we set ourselves up for success? The following guidelines will allow you to gain control and take steps to achieve your goals.

Steps to Success:

  1. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do my goals align with my values? Do I feel energized or overwhelmed?
    • Do I want to achieve my goals for the right reasons? For example, do I want to lose weight for next month’s party or for my overall health?
    • Are my goals realistic?
  2. Identify and address your obstacles:
    • Make a list of the things that get in your way. For example, fatigue or taking shortcuts such as skipping meals to fast track your weight loss.
    • Have a plan in place so that you are prepared to overcome obstacles.
  3. Create a support system:
    • Find an accountability partner.
    • Join a group that has the same goal. For example join a running group.