vancouver man mysterious medical symptoms diagnosed

Vancouver man gets long overdue diagnosis from mysterious symptoms

Personalized healthcare was not an obvious choice for 45-year-old Jason Watt who has spent a large portion of his career working in the not-for-profit and public sector. But when his regular clinic did not adequately address several ongoing health concerns, he decided it was time to try an alternative.

Recurring bouts of fatigue, leg numbness, memory loss, high blood pressure, ongoing skin issues and pneumonia had him in and out of the clinic on an ongoing basis. Despite the frequent visits, all he was told was that he had high blood pressure and elevated blood glucose. He was never told these could be telltale signs of a serious condition.

“I was simply told to keep an eye on it,” says Watt, “and I thought nothing of it until my health began getting worse.”

During this time, Watt’s father passed away from a variety of health conditions – some similar to those experienced by the younger Watt.

“More needed to be done about my health and that meant exploring other healthcare options.”

Watt first became aware of Copeman Healthcare when a clinic opened in Edmonton in the spring of 2012.

“Initially I knew little about my options,” explains Watt, “So I did my research and found that the caliber of staff and the team-based approach at Copeman Healthcare made my decision very easy.”

Watt joined Copeman Healthcare in the fall of 2012 and knew he had made the right decision based on the immediate attention he was given and the culture of genuine caring.

“The service was much more comprehensive than I expected,” says Watt, “They looked after me right away and with so much kindness.”

Watt’s Comprehensive Health Assessment revealed that he had diabetes, hypertension and elevated cholesterol—a diagnosis that proved to be unwelcome news. How long had his condition gone unchecked?

“Originally I wasn’t pleased with the diagnosis,” says Watt, “but I was glad to finally know what I was up against.”

The collaborative care team consisting of a physician, Family Health Nurse, dietitian and kinesiologist put together a plan incorporating changes to diet, exercise, medication and stress management—adjustments that were challenging to make but eased along by the folks at Copeman Healthcare.

“You just don’t get that sort of thoughtfulness, time, and dedication anywhere else,” he says.

Watt was prescribed medication that took into consideration his age and longer-term health issues. Although the medication initially required a lot of management, his Family Health Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator Marcia Kostelyk, kept in close contact with him, making regular calls and scheduling follow-up appointments. She helped him set realistic goals and coached him through difficult lifestyle changes.

“He was a perfect candidate for the program because he wanted to tackle his health issues head on,” Says Kostelyk, “We are all so proud of him and pleased with his health outcomes.”

Six months after his first visit Watt’s diabetes was tightly controlled. His blood pressure had dropped to within normal limits and his LDL, or bad cholesterol, was continuing to decline. In short, all health indicators were moving in the right direction.

“I’m amazed,” says Watt, “My energy is beginning to increase and my memory seems to be returning – it’s easier to make decisions and I’ve finally stopped writing everything down! I am very grateful for the informed and genuine care provided by the Copeman Team.”

Watt was so impressed with the service that he also signed up his partner. But perhaps the greatest transformation of all has been Watt’s change in habits. Before the treatment he often went to bed immediately after work. Now, with every day that passes he is becoming just a little more active—even getting back on the squash court. His experience has truly been an inspiration.