cancer success story

Prevention is a “Slam Dunk” for Member Chris Radu

Chris Radu, a young and active Calgary Copeman Healthcare Centre member, is winning a battle with cancer. Like all people diagnosed with the disease, he was not expecting to begin this battle at all. Chris routinely exercises every week and ensures he eats a healthy balanced diet. He felt he was healthy and had no need to subject himself to a yearly physical. He was resistant to his family’s suggestions of becoming a member at Copeman Healthcare Centre. After much persuasion, he gave in and joined his family as a member at the Centre.

Like all members, Chris was assigned a team of healthcare professionals led by Dr. Cindy Mitchell and embarked on his first Prevention Screen. Chris had no reason to believe he wasn’t perfectly healthy and thought that the initial Prevention Screen would only confirm that which he thought he already knew – that he was a healthy man. Much to his surprise, during his series of appointments at the end of December it was determined that Chris had testicular cancer. After the diagnosis had been determined, Chris was lucky to be in and out of surgery within 48 hours and, so far, he has not had any complications and his outlook is positive.

Dr. Mitchell has been a key caregiver in Chris’s process and has helped around the clock through this experience. Chris attributes the success of his battle with cancer to Dr. Mitchell, “She is an amazing physician,” says Radu, “essentially, she saved my life”.

Chris plans to continue his weekly basketball games with his teammates, as well as his career in education as an Assistant Principal of an Elementary school. He plans to spread the word about the benefits of prevention. When asked what advice he would give to other men close to his age, Chris simply advises to get checked regularly. A comprehensive health assessment is vital in maintaining your health and identifying possible issues (such as testicular cancer) early so that they can be treated in a timely manner. He feels that there is, traditionally, not enough emphasis on the importance of prevention, especially for young people. He hopes to tell his story in order to inspire other people who assume that they are healthy to take the necessary steps and take charge of their health.