predicting healthy futures

Predicting healthy Vancouver futures: Learn today what your health looks like tomorrow

Originally posted March 27th, 2017 in Business in Vancouver

If heart disease and diabetes run in your family, you may be worried about what the future holds for your own health. While it’s always helpful to know your genetic history, it doesn’t tell the complete story of where your biggest health risks might be hiding.

The good news is, you often don’t have to look too far. The strongest indicator of whether you will develop certain health conditions is what you have right in front of you, says Dr. Michael Koehle, a physician and Director of Research at Copeman Healthcare Centre.

“Although family history can indicate an increased risk for certain diseases, this is not where the challenge lies,” he says.  “A key element of preventive medicine is the behavioral aspect of care.  While it’s relatively straightforward to identify a patient’s increased risk of a particular condition, the real challenge comes with helping them make the lifestyle changes to mitigate that risk.”

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