Planning a trip? Book your travel health consultation today

Planning a trip? Book your travel health consultation today

halong bay_travel health consultation_copeman healthcareWhat’s the first thing you do after you book your holiday? Do you buy binoculars for your safari in Africa? A new helmet for your bike trip in Vietnam? Or maybe some new mystery novels for the plane ride?

Planning an exotic vacation is fun, but before you do be sure to book a travel health consultation at Copeman.

Each destination carries a different set of health risks, and some countries won’t allow you to cross the border if vaccination requirements are not fulfilled. The professionals at Copeman can help prepare you with a comprehensive assessment where we’ll discuss the risks, required vaccines, medications and other precautions.

And don’t wait until the last minute.

There is often a minimum amount of time necessary to inoculate your body against disease. The yellow fever vaccine requires ten days, and the rabies vaccine requires three separate doses over 21 days. So plan to see your healthcare provider at Copeman at least four weeks prior to your trip.

This will give you peace of mind when it’s time to take off, and your only worry will be which novel to read first.

Copeman Healthcare is a designated Yellow Fever Vaccine clinic.

Note: Travel health consultations are included in the LifePlus Program, but some vaccinations may be an additional cost.