how to pick a health provider

How to pick a health provider


With more and more individuals seeking the benefits that comprehensive healthcare providers can offer, it’s important to know what to look for when deciding which clinic to choose.  In a special to the Calgary Herald, Karen Durrie outlined several questions one should ask their potential new care provider.

Questions to ask your comprehensive healthcare provider:

Is there strong collaboration between healthcare disciplines?

Do physicians have specific special interests or specialized training?

Do they provide ample appointment time of 30 minutes or more?

Do they use advanced technologies for the detection of disease?

She interviewed Copeman’s Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, Les Jickling, who spoke to the importance of having access to your own personal health record, something Copeman Healthcare offers through an innovative online health management system called Carebook. The ability to take an active role in your own health combined with the many benefits of comprehensive healthcare gives clients a distinct advantage in disease prevention.

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Calgary Herald, August 21, 2015