A peek inside the bold new world of personalized healthcare

From VancouverSun.com, November 2017

For many, the inconvenience of hurried, all-too-brief doctor visits means more Canadians are exploring comprehensive options for their healthcare.

Vancouver’s Copeman Healthcare is leading the way into a bold new world of comprehensive care.

Open since 2005, Copeman Healthcare’s Vancouver clinic is one of four locations in Western Canada. The clinic’s medical director and Family Practitioner, Dr. Beth Donaldson, was initially attracted to the team by founder Don Copeman’s innovative ideas about primary care and preventative medicine.

“I felt frustrated in my previous experiences at other facilities,” says Dr. Donaldson. “Visits with patients were short and typically only covered one or two issues. I never felt I was able to get to the heart of the matter. When I heard about this new model for team-based healthcare that focused primarily on prevention, I said, ‘Sign me up!’ Getting to really know my patients and helping them stay healthy is why I became a GP in the first place.”

Copeman Healthcare is a primary care facility where patients are not only under the care of a dedicated family physician, but also have access to an entire team of medical professionals. By employing a collaborative approach that includes nutritional counseling, exercise medicine and in-depth diagnostics, as well as mental and cognitive health, treatment is highly personalized and tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

“We continually monitor our clinical outcomes, and our stats show that we are able to achieve excellent health outcomes,” Dr. Donaldson explains. “I think it simply comes down to collaboration and taking the time to thoroughly address patient issues through programs like LifePlus.”

Copeman Healthcare’s flagship care plan, the LifePlus Program features all-inclusive, year-round medical care, including on-time, unhurried appointments with a dedicated team of healthcare providers who collaborate on patient care plans.

Each new LifePlus client receives a health risk assessment, lab work, a thorough medical history and comprehensive health screening and diagnostics testing. Clients meet with those professionals who form their dedicated care team and who prepare their personalized health plan. Any immediate needs are addressed with internal referrals to clinicians working within the Centre or through specialist referrals to care providers in the community.

40 year-old Director at Vancouver-based StoryTap, Nicola Fairweather joined Copeman’s LifePlus Program 2 ½ years ago and hasn’t looked back. Originally from the UK, she saw the program as a way to obtain a more personalized approach to her healthcare – something she had been missing since leaving home.

“I didn’t have any key issues that I was concerned about, but I missed having a real connection with my doctor,” she says. “Right away I was so impressed with everyone I met at Copeman. My nurse, Jill, and clinical coordinator, Christine, were extremely welcoming, and are always there to answer my questions. My doctor was amazing and wanted to know all about me – not just my medical history, but also my fears, my hobbies, my interests – everything. Everyone on my team is just so caring – it’s like a family.”

Fairweather also appreciates that appointments are easy to book and run on-time. She also likes the convenience of seeing her doctor, getting lab work done and even doing personal training all in the same Centre. “You truly get the feeling that they’re invested in your future just as much as you are,” she says. “Honestly, I just want to thank them for their attention and support, and for always being there for me.”