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How pharmacogenetic testing can help you

Copeman physicians can now use genetic testing to optimize medication prescriptions. Learn how genetic testing can optimize the care you receive.

Is precision medicine the future of healthcare?

Precision medicine aims to individualize healthcare and medications through genetic analysis. Here’s an overview of what exactly precision medicine is.

Learn about the new programs and services coming to Copeman Healthcare

Sanda Islik of Copeman Healthcare recently took on a new role as Director, Programs and Services. Sanda discusses what exactly the role entails and what it means for clients at Copeman Healthcare.

african peanut stew

African Peanut Stew

Many don’t eat legumes often, but want to incorporate more of them into their diet. Ultimately: make it simple. Try this recipe for African Peanut Stew!

keto diet resources

Read This Before Trying the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a tough topic to tackle. It’s controversial and long-term studies aren’t yet available: we don’t know the future health impacts. People who are successful with it praise it for  helping their physical or mental health, or both. But I’ve found that the majority of people jump into it without planning ahead and […]

Music and Fitness - Kinesiologist Dana with client use music to keep the program interesting

Use Music to Turn Back Time

Want to stay active for many years to come? Music might be just what the doctor ordered (research shows!) to help you stay motivated, reduce your risk of injury and pain and even make your workouts seem easier (and who doesn’t want that?) Slow aging with music Music is not just for aerobics class—it may also help […]


WEBINAR – Your Guide to Cardiovascular Fitness

In this webinar with Jenna Carducci, Kinesiologist at Copeman Healthcare, you will learn the ins and outs of cardio fitness, including how to integrate cardio fitness into your routine to make your heart happy and healthy in the long run.

Kinesiology and physical education to prevent injury and illness: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (AB)

Whether someone is a professional athlete or a recreational athlete, a homebody or a weekend warrior, kinesiology can help.

Icebergs, Inflammation and Prevention

Icebergs, Inflammation and Prevention: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (BC)

Somewhere between high school and that balmy -20°C day of that Antarctic summer, Katherine learned that human health & environmental health are inseparable.

guys runs up steps to show striving for goals

Optimize Your Fitness Routine with Realistic Goals

What’s really stopping you from achieving the results you want? To make a real change, you need to make choices and find a routine that works with your busy lifestyle. This four-step, honest approach is designed to help you set and achieve realistic health goals. It will help you reassess your priorities; consider any modifications; […]