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Your Copeman Care Team

The following table outlines the your Copeman care team, including your family physician or nurse practitioner, your registered nurse and your clinical care coordinator. Please note, your clinical care coordinator is your main point of contact for appointment bookings and changes. CLINICAL CARE TEAMS CLINICIAN REGISTERED NURSE CLINICAL CARE COORDINATOR PHONE Amra Dizdarevic, NP   […]

Last updated: Monday, March 30, 2020

Status Update In light of the World Health Organization’s assessment of COVID-19 as a pandemic and of the virus’ spread across Canada and the world, all provinces and territories have declared a ‘state of emergency’ in managing the virus within their jurisdiction. This allows the provincial/territorial government to implement an array of measures to protect the health […]

Top 5 questions about Pap tests asked and answered

To help alleviate confusion (and possibly fears), here are answers to five of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Pap test

The low down on low iron: What you need to know about iron deficiency

About 5 percent of Canadians (and 8 percent of women) suffer from insufficient iron levels. Fortunately, diagnosis and treatment are relatively simple.

Connecting with food: How to nourish from the inside out

The foods we eat affect our mood, behaviour and brain function. We take a look at how to incorporate more food mindfulness into our lives.

Understanding pain: Why a “healed” injury can still hurt

Lingering ankle sprain? Pain without an apparent injury? Here’s why pain can come and go in such a seemingly random fashion.

What you can expect during a Copeman Kinesiology assessment

If you’re not moving properly or want to ensure you keep moving the way you need to, a Copeman kinesiologist can help.

definitive guide to moving better

Fitness for life: The definitive guide

Copeman Healthcare’s team of kinesiologists presents the ultimate guide to exercise and fitness. Discover everything you need to know about exercising through every age and stage of life—plus, learn to love your workout routine and manage your weight, get healthier and improve your fitness level in a way that fits your lifestyle.

griddle cakes with blueberry sauce

Griddle cakes with blueberry sauce

These griddle cakes with blueberry sauce contain flaxseed and oat flour to provide a boost of fibre to help keep you feeling full longer.

The health benefits of flaxseed

Flaxseeds may be small, but they are powerful! This super-food is a whole grain known for its anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits. Flax is found in many forms, and often sold in the grocery store as whole flax seed, ground flax meal, or flax oil.