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Staff spotlight with Dr. Tracy Thomson: Medical mission to Ukewere Island

Dr. Thomson recently went on a medical mission to Ukewere Island, Africa where she spent three weeks providing much-needed care to the rural population

10 effective strategies for improving your sleep

Insomnia can take a serious toll on both your mental and physical health. Here are 10 effective strategies for improving sleep

Nutritional strategies for a healthier New Year

As we enter the New Year, many of us start to think about healthy eating resolutions. What steps can we take to ensure a smooth dietary transition?

3 Exercise resolutions that can lead to success

Here are three suggestions that can help you beat the odds and achieve long-term success this New Year

Intermittent fasting: The key to weight loss or just another fad?

The latest craze in dieting isn’t about eating certain foods, it’s about eating no foods – for a while, at least. Does intermittent fasting work for weight loss?

Dry January: Does Abstaining from Alcohol for a Month Help as Much as Hoped

Some believe that temporarily eliminating alcohol detoxifies the body and can help turn around its impacts. But is it as effective as it might appear?

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Healthy Eating Habits: The Definitive Guide

Do you believe you are practicing healthy eating habits? Are you content with your current “diet”? Are you fueling your body with the optimal foods for your personal health needs? What if we could help you redefine your ideas about healthy eating, find a diet you can stick with for life, and base your food […]


Lifestyle is the key; mindset, motivation and goals: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (BC)

Caitlin Price University of British Columbia Okanagan – Bachelor of Human Kinetics – 2019 Many people wait until they are already affected by a disease to start treating it, but a much more effective approach would be to change one’s lifestyle to avoid disease and disability altogether. Preventative healthcare is a very important part of the […]

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Copeman Healthcare Announces Company Growth with Addition of Three New Physicians

Copeman Healthcare is delighted to welcome Dr. Lauren Fineman, Dr. Jenn Kirker, and Dr. Gerhard Strydom as its newest physicians. All three physicians will be active members of the Copeman roster by January 2019 and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will accelerate Copeman’s growth trajectory through the new year.