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vitamin k2 stronger bones

Is vitamin K2 the answer to stronger bones?

While most people typically think of calcium and vitamin D the ultimate vitamins for bone health, vitamin K2 is one of the latest nutrients that can help strengthen your bones.

spiced sweet potato soup

Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

This spicy sweet potato soup recipe is the perfect addition to your repertoire and also contains a secret ingredient: chickpeas!


WEBINAR – Healthy Gut, Healthy Body

Learn the importance of having a healthy gut, plus helpful tips on keeping your gut working to the best of its ability in the long run in this free webinar. 

Michael Duncan AB-Winner

Keeping Seniors Socially Active: 2019 Scholarship Winner (AB)

Read the winning submission for the 2019 Copeman Preventative Healthcare Scholarship award, submitted by Michael Duncan

Stay Safe and Healthy While You Travel A Travelers Checklist

5 Pro Travel Tips: How to Stay Healthy this Winter

Whether for work or play, here are some important things to consider before bidding bon voyage. And don’t forget your virtual care app, Medisys on-Demand

Ilyana Voth-BC-Winner

Asparagus: 2019 Scholarship Winner (BC)

Read the winning submission for the 2019 Copeman Preventative Healthcare Scholarship award, submitted by Ilyana Voth

medical student with clinicians behind

2019 Preventative Healthcare Post-Secondary Scholarship Winners

Scholarship 2019 This year Copeman Healthcare was excited to award our second annual post-secondary scholarship. In 2019 we increased the grants to three worthy students in British Columbia and Alberta. We were delighted to see the quantity and quality of great applications across both provinces. 130 students wrote short essays on how they hope to […]

colourful food table with hands sharing

Healthy Eating Habits: The Definitive Guide

Do you believe you are practicing healthy eating habits? Are you content with your current “diet”? Are you fueling your body with the optimal foods for your personal health needs? What if we could help you redefine your ideas about healthy eating, find a diet you can stick with for life, and base your food […]

importance of cognitive brain health assessment

The importance of baseline cognitive assessments

At Copeman Healthcare we pay special attention to your brain health. The baseline cognitive assessment is usually the starting point for any further consultations and is recommended for all clients who wish to be vigilant about their cognitive health.

cauliflower potato salad

Cauliflower “Potato Salad”

Cauliflower-based substitutes are everywhere these days. Turns out, it’s a pretty delicious alternative for potato salad too!