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How to maintain (and improve) your mobility as you age

Mobility and flexibility training are what allow us to use our available ranges of motion to do our favourite activities, and stay healthy doing them

Why your family medical history matters

We take a look at how our genes affect our health and how knowing our family medical history can personalize our healthcare

5 proven ways to make long-lasting healthy eating changes

More than two-thirds of people will regain any lost weight from a diet – plus some extra. Why do diets fail, and what can you do to reverse this trend?

How to enjoy the excitement of the holidays – stress free

As much as our culture markets the holidays as a time for joy, it’s important to remember that it can be a stressful time for many.

Arthritis: Prevention, management & exciting new treatments

You know that slight pain you feel in your knee, or your hips or your hands? There’s a good chance that’s arthritis.

A Culture of Prevention Indian Feast

A Culture of Prevention: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (BC)

Rawel Sidhu University of British Columbia – Doctor of Medicine – 2022 “Our traditional diet is what we’ve followed our whole lives; why should we change that now?” With nods of approval from her peers, the frail woman returned to her seat – satisfied with her objection. As the research facilitator of the 22-member diabetes […]

Sleep resources v2

WEBINAR – Sleep: the ultimate high performance drug

Rick Tiedemann provides a deeper appreciation as to why sleep is so important, and offers helpful tips and tricks for achieving better sleep.

Kinesiology 101 resources

WEBINAR – Kinesiology 101

Brittany Gadzosa presents an overview of what exactly kinesiology is, and how you can benefit from working with your kinesiologist year-round.

which bread is best

Whole grain, multigrain, whole wheat – which is best?

With so many different grain products, it can become quite a challenge sorting through all the options to make a nutritious choice. So which one is best?

tuna with a twist

Tuna with a Twist

Looking for a quick healthy source of protein for your lunch or snack? Try this tuna salad with a healthier twist (hint: this uses avocado instead of mayo)!