Fitness Tip-Start a new fitness challenge

Fitness Tip: Start a new fitness challenge

Set fitness challenges for the whole family and/or a group of friends, or just for you!

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Take the opportunity to shock the body by doing something different than your typical workout routine such as:

  • hosting a pedometre challenge at work or with friends (Example: 10,000 steps per day for one week)
  • making after dinner walks or games of touch football a regular activity (Example: after dinner walks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • trying that pilates class you have been curious about (Example: 2 classes per week for 1 month)
  • scheduling in some regular trips to the local ice rink with the family (Example: 1 Friday per month all winter)
  • checking out your local snowshoe or hiking trails (Example: 2 snowshoe treks or hikes per month)
  • adding an extra walk with the family dog for a walk before dinner
  • taking on a Wii or Wii Fit game challenge and get the whole family involved (Example: Sunday nights are Wii Fit challenge nights)

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Whatever you choose, make sure to set a goal, a schedule and maybe even a healthy incentive for your new fitness endeavour.  When you’ve reached your goal, re-evaluate and set a new one by either increasing  the activity or trying something new!

If you aren’t sure where to start, please schedule an appointment
with a member of our Kinesiology team.


Please consult a physician before beginning a new fitness routine.