Tired of nagging injuries? Try a collaborative approach to recovery through Copeman’s Sports Medicine program

Whether brought on by your favourite activity, a misstep or simply an awkward sleeping position, injuries are hard to avoid. No matter how careful or physically fit we are, it’s something that affects us all sooner or later.

While there are things you can do to steer clear of injuries, just as important are the steps you take once an injury has occurred.

When injury occurs, one of the best things you can do is work with a personal trainer. Not only can a professional design a fitness program to help you rehabilitate and strengthen your injury, they can also show you how to prevent future problems.

How one Copeman client recovered from his nagging injury

For Bob Lesperance, a private practice lawyer in Vancouver, a decades-old knee injury had started to become an issue. “I tore a knee ligament when I was seventeen and required surgery to repair it. However, recently it began to bother me again.

“I’m in my early sixties now, and first noticed pain in my knee while I was skiing a few years ago. It wasn’t excruciating, more of an annoyance if anything. But over the course of the last year it got progressively worse to the point where day-to-day activities, such as getting up in the morning or walking down stairs, were becoming aggravating.”

Lesperance’s family physician at Copeman Healthcare Centre arranged for him to see Dr. Kara Solmundson, a Copeman physician who specializes in sports medicine. One of the great things about Copeman Healthcare is every family physician has a particular area of interest. The clinicians work together collaboratively so that clients are able to see someone who is most suitable for their individual health needs.

“In my first appointment with Dr. Solmundson, she diagnosed arthritis in my knee and set up an assessment with kinesiologist Chad Cardoso to create a personalized rehabilitation program aimed at restoring and strengthening the joint.”

According to Cardoso, no matter how old or severe the injury, there’s always room for improvement and rehabilitation work is key.

“We constantly encourage people to come see us in the Copeman Movement & Strength Lab when they’re dealing with an injury,” says Cardoso. “This is true even for perceived minor or nagging injuries that never seem to quite go away, yet often don’t cause enough distress for someone to seek a solution.

“Most nagging pains or injuries are the result of overuse, repetitive stress or a minor accident to muscles or tendons. They result in pain due to swelling and inflammation and shouldn’t be ignored – even if it’s only mild pain – as this can lead to more problematic injuries down the line.

Lesperance started his personalized rehabilitation program in August of last year and was back skiing in December. He now has his sights set on running a 10-kilometre race this fall.

“I started seeing a kinesiologist twice per week and still continue to benefit from the training. I ended up only having to visit Dr. Solmundson twice before my knee was better,” says Lesperance. “I’ve still got some work to do, but it’s a good feeling not only to have a pain-free body, but to be stronger and fitter in my early sixties than I was in my early fifties.”

The Copeman Movement & Strength Lab offers personalized training and injury rehabilitation programs designed specifically to suit your lifestyle and fitness goals. To find out more or book an appointment, please contact 604-707-2273 or email vantraining@copemanhealthcare.com.