4 creative ideas to mix up your outdoor workout

With summer on the way, people are looking for more ways to be active outside and take advantage of the nicer weather. This is especially true now with many indoor gyms remaining closed or operating with capacity restrictions.

Many people tend to think that outdoor exercise is only comprised of walking, running or biking. But the reality is, it’s easy to get creative with an outdoor workout that involves cardio as well as strength training.

Whether you’re working out in your backyard or at a local park, here are 4 ways to get creative with your outdoor workout.

1. Try a park bench or picnic table workout

A park bench or picnic table can be a great tool for bodyweight exercises, especially for those of us missing the equipment available at an indoor gym. You can use a park bench or picnic table for all sorts of exercises including tricep dips, pushups, step-ups and more. If you don’t live close to a park with a bench or picnic table, try using a sturdy chair that you have at home in your backyard.

2. Four corner circuit

If you have access to a soccer field or open-spaced park, try a four-corner circuit workout. Assign each corner of the field a different exercise and then walk or run laps around the field, completing each exercise throughout the lap. For example, corner one could be squat jumps, corner two could be pushups, corner three could be sit-ups and corner four could be jumping jacks.

3. I spy workout

Go for a walk or run (or stay in your front yard) and assign different objects to exercises. If you see a dog, complete 5 squats. If you see someone on rollerblades, complete 10 walking lunges. If you see someone else running, walk or run as fast as you can for 45 seconds.

4. Deck of cards workout

Make a list that assigns each card in a deck to a specific exercise. Shuffle the deck and pull cards randomly from the deck to complete your workout. For example, aces are pushups, 2’s are burpees, 3’s are 30-second planks, 4’s are 30 second birddogs and so on. You can assign a time for each card or complete a certain number of reps for each card. Keep going until you’ve finished the deck! Watch this video as an example.

Remember, no matter what outdoor exercise you are going to try, make sure to consult with your kinesiologist to make sure it is safe and appropriate for your health and fitness level before getting started.