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Tips for meal prepping with Anya Skornyakova and UP! 99.3


Meal Prepping with Anya Skornyakova (bio)

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Meal preparation is the act of planning, preparing, and packaging your meals and snacks in advance, typically for the upcoming week. It’s an excellent healthy eating strategy that saves time and money, reduces stress, helps with weight management, and contributes to a nutritionally balanced diet.

Start by writing a menu for the week of what you’d like to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then, create a grocery list and purchase the ingredients that you’ll need. You’ll likely save money by purchasing ingredients in bulk.

To start the week off right, prepare a couple of servings of protein, starch, and vegetables on the weekend. Then follow a Healthy Plate method to assemble balanced meals for the next few days: half your plate should be vegetables, one quarter protein, and the other quarter should be starch.

You can increase recipe proportions when making dinner so there are leftovers for the next day’s lunch. Get creative by reusing leftover ingredients in different meals.

And, when cooking in bulk, freezing pre-portioned meals is great in a time crunch!