Manage your weight with an active lifestyle

Manage your weight with an active lifestyle


It’s no secret that physical activity and exercise does our body good.  But did you know physical inactivity or sedentary behaviour has its own set of negative consequences?

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Sedentary people are more likely to carry excess fat mass and have difficulty maintaining a healthy body weight.  These harmful consequences can lead to an increased risk of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and negative body image.

So what can you do to decrease sedentary behaviour?

  • Set an alarm at your work station every one to two hours as a reminder to take five minute walking breaks
  • Take the stairs
  • Take a brisk walk at lunch
  • Plan ahead for exercise
  • Use an activity tracker
  • Join a fitness class

Motivation and accountability are key to make these lifestyle changes.  

A simple way to increase motivation and accountability is to book an appointment with your Copeman kinesiologist.  Your kinesiologist can provide a baseline fitness assessment, measure and track changes to your fitness and body composition through repeated assessments, and create an activity plan that fits your lifestyle.

Your Copeman kinesiology team also offers personal training services and exercise program development.  They work with you, your dietician, your doctor and the rest of your healthcare team to ensure a balanced and sustainable healthy lifestyle change.

To make an appointment with your kinesiologist please contact your clinical care coordinator or your kinesiologist directly at 403-270-2273.