Likeminder™ – The future of preventive mental healthcare


A new type of social network for your private life – scheduled to be launched this year – could make a tremendous difference in removing common obstacles in the prevention of mental health and wellness issues.

A low-cost, trustworthy and completely anonymous service, Likeminder™ will lead to increasing numbers of people coming forward to talk about the things that impede their health, happiness and fulfillment, says Don Copeman, the founder of Copeman Healthcare.

Until now, a combination of the high cost of therapy, denial, reluctance to come forward, and unwillingness to join in a conversation have all stood in the way of people achieving meaningful reductions in mental health risks.

“Mental health issues are the largest impediment to therapeutic lifestyle change and therefore, risk reduction and prevention of physical disease,” says Copeman.

“But more importantly, mental health issues are the largest impediment to wellness and fulfillment. We know that serious mental health issues can be prevented, and we believe that new technologies like Likeminder™ can play a meaningful role in the evolving field of mental health prevention.”

Thanks to social networks, the world we live in has changed dramatically. We are constantly being offered new ways to connect and stay connected with family, friends and business associates. Likeminder™ ( is a social network for your personal life. It is a secure and anonymous outlet for having authentic conversations with likeminded people and sharing thoughts, dreams, fears, hopes and concerns. It is also a safe place for people to speak freely about the things that matter most to them.

Experts hope that this new medium will encourage people to talk more about what stresses them, providing comfort and possible solutions from peers who are having similar experiences.