Know your fitness personality our top picks for wearable technology

Know your fitness personality: our top picks for wearable technology

In collaboration with Rachel Francis, Clinical Exercise Specialist


Aside from its convenient location in your pocket or on your wrist, the benefits of wearing a tracking device include helping with motivation, fostering competition, planning for future activity, and keeping you on the path to obtaining your goals. It is especially effective when your tracking device fits your fitness personality.

Do you like all the bells and whistles, or do you prefer to keep it simple? Are you competitive, a social butterfly or addicted to stats? We’ve selected our favourite apps and wearable tech to suit every kind of fitness personality and help you stay on track with your fitness goals.


If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level and love competition, the Strava tracking community is for you. Strava encourages users to “prove it” by challenging friends, comparing results and earning badges for distance, speed and metres climbed.


In addition to tracking and analyzing your workouts, Map My Fitness, Runtastic and Nike+ are all apps that automatically upload your achievements to your social media profile, helping you stay accountable and maybe even boast about it.

Number cruncher

Try using a Polar H7 heart rate monitor with your Smartphone to get an accurate, live heart rate while you train. Tracking your heart rate during exercise will help you stay within a safe but effective range.

Keep it simple

Fitbit is an easy to use device you wear on your wrist which automatically analyzes your movement. It will analyze your frequency, duration, intensity and movement patterns throughout the day to determine steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned. In addition to finding this data on your fitbit online profile, you will soon be able to sync it with your Carebook™ profile, helping to keep all your health information in one convenient place.


Check out the new line of designer Fitbit accessories by Tory Burch, including two silicone options in Tory’s signature blue or pink colours. The designer has also created a hinged brass bracelet option that turns your fitbit into a stylish piece of jewellery.
If you’re finding that all the bells and whistles are bogging you down, try a simple pedometer to track your steps, and a pen and paper to record your daily values. If you don’t already have one, please ask your Copeman kinesiologist.

Still unsure? Meet with your kinesiologist to determine which option would suit you best.

Happy tracking!