What you can expect during a Copeman Kinesiology assessment

Movement is vital: it keeps us healthy and allows our bodies do what we want them to do. If you’re not moving properly or want to ensure you keep moving the way you need to, a kinesiologist can help.

As professionals who specialize in human movement, kinesiologists focus on how our anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and psychomotor behaviour work. Here at Copeman Healthcare, our highly trained kinesiologists collaborate with other members of our multidisciplinary healthcare team to ensure all our clients are mobile, active and achieving the best quality of life possible. And it all starts with an assessment.

What happens in a kinesiology assessment?

The primary purpose of any Copeman Healthcare kinesiology assessment is to gain an understanding of what our clients’ goals are in terms of general health as well as movement.

Have you had an injury? Are you dealing with lifestyle changes due to diabetes or heart issues? Maybe you have specific activity goals such as golfing 30 rounds this summer, running a half marathon or having the energy to play with your grandkids. Whatever your goal is, we can help you get there.

The first step is establishing a baseline of where you’re at by doing physical fitness testing to compare against existing normative data for men or women of your age.

Initial prevention screening tests can include the following:

  • Balance – coordination level; risk of falls
  • Body composition – waist circumference, muscle mass, visceral fat mass
  • Aerobic fitness – monitoring heart rate and blood pressure with exercise and determining one’s maximum aerobic capacity
  • Movement patterns – any dysfunctional or asymmetrical movement that might lead to injury
  • Muscular strength and endurance – measured against norms to determine any areas that need attention

The fitness-screening process takes about an hour and we will tailor testing to fit your needs and goals.

In addition, Copeman now offers a new body composition test called InBody 570 that quickly and effortlessly measures body composition. Simply by standing on a platform and holding a set of handles, the equipment is able to provide us with a wide range of specific and accurate information on body composition, particularly muscle mass, and overall health. It also allows for better tracking over time.

Clients of our Calgary centre also have the option to try VO2 Max testing. Known as the Voluntary Maximum Uptake Test, this exam measures how much oxygen a person takes in and transports to their muscles to produce energy. It helps us determine an individual’s direct maximal aerobic capacity and come up with optimal training zones for events like marathons, Gran Fondo cycling races and triathlons. Your kinesiologist will let you know if this is something that would be both appropriate and beneficial for your specific needs.

But wait, there’s more . . . other kinesiology services

In addition to initial prevention screening, Copeman Healthcare offers the following kinesiology services:

  • Fitness follow-up (included in LifePLus membership): based on the results from your initial screening, a kinesiologist can help you achieve your goals in a number of different ways. We are able to create exercise or training programs, provide exercise counselling, repeat your fitness tests and offer instruction on how to use exercise equipment.
  • Cardiac-stress testing (available in Vancouver and Calgary): if medically indicated, blood pressure, heart rate and heart electrophysiology are examined under exercise to look for signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease.
  • Personal training: Copeman personal training ranges from medically supervised one-on-one sessions to small group training with individualized training plans.
  • GLAD (Edmonton and Calgary only): Good Life with Osteoarthritis Demark (GLAD) is an internationally recognized group exercise and education program for individuals with hip or knee osteoarthritis. The GLAD program has shown to reduce pain and medication while at the same time increase function.

The takeaway

Movement matters. To make sure you can continue to do what you love – both today and for years to come – meet with a member of our kinesiology team.

Whether you are newly committed to exercise as part of your healthy lifestyle or an experienced amateur or professional athlete, our staff will keep you moving in the right direction.