Interval Training Exercise for Heart Health

We are already aware of the benefit of exercise training for a healthier and stronger heart. The questions I often get asked are:

What’s the best type of exercise to accomplish this? and Is there one form of aerobic exercise better than another?

Is There a “Best” Way to Strengthen Your Heart?

Any exercise can be effective for training your heart, as long as you keep your heart within the heart rate training zone for at least 20-30 minutes. This range can be anywhere between 50-80 % of your maximum heart rate achieved from the stress test.

This May Not Be the Most Effective Way

Several recent scientific studies have shown that interval training helps to strengthen the heart muscle more than moderate continuous pace. With interval training, you would alternate short periods of intense activity with periods of lower intensity exercise.

How Can You Use Aerobic Interval Training to Strengthen Your Heart?

Pick an exercise you enjoy such as fast walking or riding a bike. Exercise at a slow pace for two to three minutes and then intensely for one minute. Continue alternating back and forth for 30 minutes.

Talk to your doctor or your kinesiologist for your appropriate training zone.

Your target heart rate zone changes with change in your medication and your fitness level. Hence, it is important that you seek expert advice before you try implementing interval training in your exercise program.