Incorporating a Coaching Approach for Effective Case Management

Incorporating a Coaching Approach for Effective Case Management

Research by:  Holly Kennedy-­‐Symonds MHSc, Sanda Islik, BScN


research_incorporating a coaching approach for effective case managementCase management (CM) is a collaborative process in which the Family Health Nurse (FHN) and Family Health Nurse Practitioner (FHNP) assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet the client’s health needs. This involves advocacy, communication, and resource management. The underlying premise is that everyone benefits when clients reach their optimal level of wellness, self-­‐management, and functional capability. Health coaching is the means to unlocking a person’s potential to optimize their own health. Coaching is a communication approach to helping clients to learn through a facilitation process. These constructs have been brought together in a novel way to build capacity in both the provider, the team and the client.


To increase the effectiveness of case management and optimize wellness through using a coaching approach in case management.

Participants and Methods

FHN and FHNP were trained in CM & health coaching using case examples in both a small group learning format and individualized instruction. Each FHN and FHNP works with two MDs each managing a cohort of approximately 400 patients.


As a result of incorporating a coach approach to CM, FHN and FHNPs report clients are more engaged in optimizing their health and achieving health outcomes. Staff report conversations are rich and higher satisfaction and meaning in their work with case managing their clients. These results have positively impacted the interdisciplinary team.


Combining a coach approach to case management resulted in higher levels of client engagement in health optimization and higher work satisfaction.

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