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Does your weight on the scale really matter? An InBody assessment could reveal the answer

Written in collaboration with Brittany Gadzosa, Kinesiologist

Have you ever wondered exactly how to assess your body composition – or why that might be important? What about learning how much fat or muscle your body is storing or finding out if your body’s water balance is normal?

If you’ve never wondered about any of these things, maybe it’s time you did. They’re actually key indicators of your overall health. Determining body composition is an important concern for many athletes, models and bodybuilders – but we should all take an interest.

This is where InBody, a new body composition machine, comes into play. InBody is an innovative new technology that uses bio-electrical impedance (electric currents) to assess three distinct aspects of your body composition:

  • Fat mass
  • Lean body mass (muscle)
  • Intra/extracellular water (water balance)

Why get an InBody composition test?

At Copeman Healthcare, we understand that attaining your health and fitness goals is important to you. To ensure you’re set up for success, we recommend you obtain accurate baseline measurements and then closely monitor your progress. The InBody machine does precisely that – it provides you with a highly detailed report of your body composition, which you can then use to customize a health program.

Your weight as shown on a regular bathroom scale does not always reflect the effects of exercise or diet accurately. If you modify your exercise program or diet, for example, it’s often difficult to determine if changes in weight are due to losses or gains in fat or muscle mass. InBody quickly reveals the answer.

Your InBody report provides you with key insights into your body’s unique compositional strengths and weaknesses. This data can then be used to develop a custom exercise program that addresses your specific needs, enabling you to accelerate your progress and more easily achieve your health goals.

The InBody machine is also an instrumental tool for designing sophisticated rehabilitation programs for those recovering from injury. An InBody test targets and analyzes the location of muscle mass within the body, revealing any imbalances that may have resulted from injury or surgery. This unique insight gives your kinesiologist all of the data required to develop a tailor-made strengthening program to expedite your recovery.

Finally, InBody measures your levels of intracellular water (within your cells) and extracellular water (outside of your cells). Why is this so important? Because water balance plays an essential role in maintaining the vital functions that support overall health. The InBody test assesses your hydration levels, allowing you to address any imbalances and achieve optimal hydration.

The InBody test

The InBody test is completely non-invasive and pain-free. It uses electrical currents distributed through your hands and feet to measure the composition of the entire surface of your body. Simply stand on the machine and hold its handles, and InBody will provide you with a comprehensive body composition analysis in less than a minute.

Ranking as the world’s leader in body composition analysis technology, the InBody machine is soon to become one of the keys to developing perfectly customized health plans for each unique individual.

Want to learn more about your body composition?

The InBody test is now available at all Copeman Healthcare Centre locations. If you’d like more information, or you’d like to try it for yourself, contact your Copeman Healthcare physician or kinesiologist today.