How Simple Activities Can Make You Healthier

In collaboration with Lisa Kirk, Certified Exercise Physiologist

We could tell you how exercise enhances your brain function by strengthening your cerebellum & corpus callosum while also improving the capillary density around the neurons. While that may be useful or interesting information, we will instead focus on ways you can achieve these benefits.

Effective exercise is easier than you think

Messages about the latest and greatest trends in exercise are constantly barraging us. It is easy to think that exercise is complex, takes a long time, or that it requires certain gadgets to be effective.

What may surprise you is that the biggest proponent to the success of an exercise program it not always a time, place or a gadget—it’s your state of mind.

Turn your excuses into motivation

We all have barriers and excuses as to why we can’t exercise, but have we ever spent as much time thinking about how we can exercise?

Can we change our perspective from ‘I don’t have time to exercise today!’ to ‘how will I be active today?’ For each of us this will be different, but the important piece is that we focus on what we can do.

Adding simple activities throughout the day can be easier than you think. How about walking? Walking is an easy form of exercise that can be done anywhere, at any time. Changing your walking routine stimulates your mind and provides positive neurological benefits:

Four ways to change your walking routine:

  • Walk a new route with your dog
  • Try geocaching with your kids
  • Take a walk at lunch with your friend or colleague
  • Turn those boardroom meetings into walking business meetings

Changing our minds about exercise and becoming active allows for a myriad of benefits to our brain. While you ponder all the ways to be active for your brain, start with this: left, right, left, right, left, right.