Health Quiz

Are you taking the right steps towards prevention, early detection and managing your health for the long run? Take this simple health quiz to learn more about your health habits and tips for how you might be able to improve.

Please note that while this quiz is based on published research in the area of evidenced-based medicine as well as input from experts at the Copeman Healthcare Centre, it does not take into account your specific condition or personal needs and is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical advice or diagnostic tests. It is strongly recommended that for a personalized assessment of your health, you should consult your physician or one of the clinicians operating out of the Copeman Healthcare Centre.

What is your age?
What is your biological gender?
What is your weight & height?
In kilograms (kg)
In centimetres (cm)
Are you a smoker?
Approximately how many minutes per week do you partake in moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise?
Does your workout routine include weight or resistance training?
How many hours do you spend sitting per day?
How many meals do you eat out (i.e. pick up, take out or dine in) per week?
Approximately how many servings of fruits & vegetables do you eat per day?
  • 1 serving of most fruit/vegetables = approx. 1 cup.
  • 1 serving of leafy greens = approx. 2 cups.
How many drinks of alcohol do you have per day on average?
(1 standard drink = 5oz wine, 12 oz beer, 1 oz spirit)
How many hours do you sleep per night, on average?